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Plastic Polymers offers the basic concepts that you should know during and after college with which you will learn what polymers are, what their structure is, where they come from, how are synthesized, their classification, their physical properties (mechanical, thermal , dielectrical, etc.). In addition to analyzing in detail different types of existing polymers, the most common transformation processes such as injection, extrusion, blowing, among others, will address the controversial issue of bio-polymers and biodegradability as well as the recycling processes.

Available in paperbakc and ebook so that you can consult it in the place and time you need it, either on your tablet, cell phone or computer.

Coming in 2019 through Amazon!

The author, Sara L Reynoso, with more than 27 years of experience in the plastic industry, developed this book in accessible terms for young people from high school and university to professionals working in the plastics industry as a consulting tool.

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